THE FUTURE OF FASHION TRENDBOOK 2021 was made by a group of the fashion industry experts  in collaboration with Lazarski University Center for Postgraduate Education, Business and Law in Fashion Academy and Institute for Sustainable Development and Environment.

The publication was devised by 18 experts from the fashion industry including employees from GPoland – Natalia Listowska, Showroom Manager and Olga Lemańska, Brand Manager.

In the report the information about 9 leading trends in the fashion industry from 2021 can be found. This includes: sustainable development, ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance), new business models and law regulations, the rising importance of omnichannel and e-commerce practices, technological developments with projects focused on “convenience”,  rise in the consumers awareness and overall sensitivity related to social, health and environmental issues.

We highly encourage to familiarize yourself with the publication. It is available in the link down below: