In 2023 was born Pinko Shoes, a Joint Venture between two well-established companies (i.e. PINKO and ELI GROUP)

With a big goal to bring together within a new company the know-how needed to give a big boost to the footwear segment of the PINKO brand.The company headquarter is in Civitanova Marche which, apart from logistics and administration, is also home to the Footwear Style Office, the beating heart of the company, with passion and professionalism, designs and develops the product operating in the Italian footwear district par excellence, le Marche.

It is here that new ideas are developed, the result of continuous research into materials, technologies, fabrics and market trends. A forge of innovation and creativity that engages experience, skills and energy to succeed more and more and better to enhance the aesthetics, comfort and performance of footwear, always and in any case in the sign of Pinko Style.