Italian style and Scandinavian character

Napapijri was born in 1987 in the shadow of Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc, where an Italian manufacturer of travel bags – Giuliana Rosset, gave outdoor apparel a new meaning by combining innovative materials and close attention to style. The flag appearing on the logo was inspired by the sophistication of great expeditions of the last century and the intrepid explorers who transformed their lives into unique journeys. However, the name itself comes from the Finnish word for polar cycle.

Nowadays, Napapijri is well-known from functional warm clothing, coats and cotton caps. The iconic coat’s model, such as Rainforest and Skidoo, is the warranty of great comfort in all types of conditions. All of the coats have an adjustable hood, facing and shirtcuffs. Moreover, their breathable material makes them a top quality piece.