Souvenir is not a company. Souvenir is a journey, a journey that dozens of people take every day.

The company’s fashion designer observes the soul of a modern woman with his eyes, giving her clothes that can strengthen her energy. He can feel its delicacy and sensitivity with his heart.

Experience combines these two things, making them one.

Each team member follows this path, matching ideas perfectly, by selecting delicate fabrics and threads that transform simple material into elegance.

All women who choose Souvenir clothes on a daily basis follow the path chosen by the brand. These are the women walking next to you on the street, whom you see sitting at the bar table or behind your desk. Their clothes are toned down, but not minimalistic, elegant, but not provocative, with attention to every detail.

After a long journey with Souvenir, all these people go together, necessary for each other. Thus, Souvenir became family, your family.