The evening lights and exciting rhythm of winter festivities bring the irreverent rock spirit of the Patrizia Pepe woman back in focus, in an enveloping crescendo of brilliant, radiant colours.

It is a time for glamour and femininity, combining 80s vibes and disco settings that stimulate the imagination and desire for seduction. Dance becomes a metaphor for freedom and unity that can be experienced with sophisticated, modern and sensual garments embellished with iridescent effects and high-voltage embroidery.

The stars of contemporary style appear on the dancefloor, wrapped in bodycon dresses and draped dresses. The cuts tend towards mini shapes, curved lines and sudden asymmetry on dense, flowing fabrics. The jumpsuits oscillate between deep black monochromes, sequin embroidery and fil coupé on silhouettes that cover and uncover the skin. The charm of exotic flowers gives way to the casual transparencies of mesh and the new classic elegance of men’s suits.

Accessories burst onto the scene, elevating and distinguishing each look, from the gold sandals to the Fly shoulder strap and undulating profiles of jewellery studded with maxi crystals. The dream is to lose yourself in the sunrise and first morning rays because there is no limit to the desire to feel free and a little rebellious.

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