The new A/W collection conveys a reconnection with nature that is increasingly authentic and necessary, a ‘New Age’ of the self that alternates daring explorations through rocky wastelands and moments of relaxation and reflection at thermal springs in the heart of Tuscany. It is nature that reveals the beneficial and soothing properties of minerals, vehicles for mystical contact with the earth and symbols of rebirth and positivity in the face of the complexities of the present. Energy is also expressed in the appearance of saturated and bright ‘antique pop’ colours: flashes of vivid hues become synonymous with optimism and confidence, liberating the rock, irreverent spirit of a strong and aware woman.

The path to well-being and balance passes through lunar landscapes, framed by dark rocks and permeated by the penetrating heat of lava eruptions. The ‘Firelands’ world revolves around Red Clay and Fire Rocks tones, broken up by Sheep White, touches of black and ochre, and the glow of gunmetal electroplating. Tech-nylon down jackets with wrap-around designs play with glossy/matte patinas and practical details such as pockets and drawstrings that convey a sense of protection and functionality. Soft, feminine draping emerges on the leather-effect jersey. Super-soft knitwear takes centre stage, ranging from new ribbed volumes to basic, versatile wool pieces.
‘Lava Flowers’ motifs explode on chiffon and viscose crêpe compositions, creating camouflage flowers with fiery petals. Flashes of light explode in sequin embroidery, lurex weaves and applications of pyramid-shaped metal studs and grommets.

The advancing cold marks the arrival of soft and enveloping textures, imbued with neutral and natural shades. Against the backdrop of the winter countryside, rock and mineral colours such as Limestone, Beige Almond and Pebble Grey can be glimpsed, interrupted by black and the silver reflections of the frozen lakes. Minimal cloth coats contrast with oversized 3D bouclé designs and curly fur outerwear. ‘Ultra-cosy’ synthetic shearling pieces and cloud-effect bouclé loop stitch knitwear accentuate the soft feel of the ‘Mineral Toscana’ theme. Masculine and feminine are mixed in the formal precision of tailored outfits and dresses in wool mélange with darker contrasts. The micro-patterned full Milano fabric has a stretchy, comfortable feel enhanced by the contemporary twist of studs and black leather. The tech and modern look can be seen in the ‘silver ice’ coated denim, the silver foils on the jersey and the ‘frozen dye’ denim treatments inspired by minerals’ limestone veins. The transition from indoors to outdoors features ‘in&out’ garments such as single-colour fleece outfits, casual jeans and versatile T-shirts.
A tribal print interrupts the harmony of the ensemble by introducing graphic black & white stylised effects on crêpe and jersey bases.

The certainty of one’s own uniqueness and identity is at the heart of the ‘Logo Mania’ world. Fabrics and colours give way to a sophisticated rock interpretation of the logo. Cloth, fleece, poplin, ribbed wool and down jackets are embellished with printed or jacquard lettering in shades of black, white and Organic Beige for essential everyday garments. The Fly monogram is multiplied with tone-on-tone effects on the full Milano fabric.
The premium shearling garments emphasise the heritage and experience of a brand that never forgets its origins and its tradition of research and refinement.

The turning point of the season, the ‘Mystic Trek’ stage reawakens interest in the discovery of new worlds through a universe that evolves and expands, revealing unknown horizons. The movement of the planets, the infinity of the cosmos and ancestral codes meet the hi-tech advances of modernity in a palette dominated by violet Berries, Ultra Violet vibes and shades of black and beige.
In the foreground, the ‘animalier arty’ print simulates nocturnal landscapes with digital flashes on jacquard knitwear, stretch jersey with a ruched fit and fil coupé in flowing volumes. Sudden rock flashes emanate from coated denim foils, dark, yet shiny electroplating and metal stud and sail decorations. Puffer jackets with accentuated profiles and trek details are joined by colourful down jackets with more tight-fitting silhouettes. The knitwear includes mohair knits in strong colours and black and white yarns with degradé graphic effects.

At the boundaries of reality, as we approach the new year, Patrizia Pepe’s glam rock spirit powerfully resurfaces, imagining a virtual journey to exotic destinations that become a metaphor for freedom and escape. The ‘Exotic Christmas’ theme is characterised by bold, gaudy colours such as Pink Bubble, Dark Safir and Deep Black, with Paradise Green digital brushstrokes and Precious Gold iridescence.
The silhouettes have sensual, minimal and timeless designs that distinguish flowing, feminine wool and velvet outfits, dresses and tops. Cloth and jersey feature exaggerated details, shiny applications and full rhinestone embroidery. An ’80s trend can be detected in the double crêpe garments in shades of black and acid green. The latter is also used for the very soft mohair knitwear. The delicacy of tulle and satin is accentuated by ruffles, drapes and asymmetries, while motifs with undefined flowers, sequins and fil coupé amplify the collection’s dynamic, impactful character. The look is completed by teal-coloured Mongolian fur garments, sparkling black&gold sequin embroidery and super-shiny rhinestone mesh dresses that celebrate a full return to the strength, joy, light and irreverence that always characterise the Patrizia Pepe woman.

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