Beatrice .b Fall – Winter collection 2020/21

Habits and Ordinary: My Extraordinary
FW 2020/2021 Fashion Show

A fil rouge, a path, a long carpet roll that welcomes you to Beatrice home, where elegance is mixed with day-to-day life and ordinary is mixed with extraordinary.

Beatrice .b presents the new FW20-21 collection during Milan Fashion Week with a journey that expresses the meeting between a woman and her home as expression of belonging and self-care. It is represented by an imaginary and extremely abstract home composed of five areas, each dedicated to a different collection corner. Thanks to the collaboration with artist Pietro Spoto, who has impressed his emotions on the carpet, the atmosphere is suspended, metaphysical, with few selected elements that are almost evanescent but deeply significant.

In an era of frenetic globalisation and increased digital nomadism, Beatrice .b offers a return to the concept of “home”, using clothing as an object that brings comfort and elegance together. Through the use of materials and graphics from interior design, the FW 20-21 collection establishes a new concept of contemporary elegance that features sleek, effortless pieces that fit into everyday life. Contemporary elegance is an expression that makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

The transposition of 1970s interiors is the beginning of this visual journey, in which heterogeneous and innovative colour palettes follow one another. A lion-cream colour opens the season with its delicate touch, from which fluid mid-length skirts and printed lurex dresses take shape. Check is modernised by touches of elegant feathers, to be paired with mohair sweaters and super lightweight gradient sweaters.
The colour espresso is spread out by everyday clothes up to the trendiest pieces, such as shirts in printed jersey, the crocodile kimono-coat, and dress in eco-leather patch print.

Hokusai blue creates a new world in which ideal landscapes taken from household paintings are imprinted in knitwear, creating cardigans and colourful knits with a heritage feel. Penny-coloured trousers with contrasting stitching, short silk dresses, and 80s maxi bomber jackets are pieces that embody the concept of comfort and elegance.
Accessories like the pointed zebra boot interrupt this delicate path.

Vintage prints and graphic looks dominated by peacock green are the alternative to black. Hyper-feminine dresses in eco leather with puffed sleeves, flat pleated skirts and laminated coats influence the collection, bringing innovation for every occasion of use. Animal print is revisited in an abstract way, by creating a world where splotches of black and lagoon blue move amongst lightweight dresses with pleated inserts and oversized wool sweaters.

There is no lack of nostalgic touches, such as t-shirts with black beaded embroidery and coats with a straight and modern line, which are paired with orange check as seen in tube skirts and cropped trousers.
The black and white is timeless. Tulle skirts, fluid suits, and pleated jersey dresses conquer space among the seasonless pieces, with functional and transversal garments.

From cream to camel and maxi sweaters to lurex carrot pants, Beatrice .b offers tone-on-tone combinations that leave room to play with different volumes and textures. The masculine herringbone coat with knit inserts, and the sweatshirt with pleated nylon inserts enclose the feeling of this corner, in which elegant tones mix with new contrasts.

The peach-coloured print with men’s necktie motifs introduces a corner with various chromatic ranges, in which aubergine joins muted hues. The knitted suit consisting of straight-legged, knit trousers is the new expression of the suit, in translating active allure into a comfortable and trendy garment.

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